Applying SPC Tools

Outline Of Topics Covered

  • What is attribute and variable data?
  • What are special characteristics?
  • What are the key components of effectively applied SPC?
  • Applying SPC problem solving and diagnostic tools
  • How to determine where to apply SPC
  • Assessing process capability
  • Troubleshooting incapable/unstable processes
  • Effective control chart application
  • Interpreting control charts
  • Applying SPC in short-run environments
  • Focusing on controlling/error proofing process inputs
  • Assessing SPC effectiveness
  • Developing a client specific SPC application plan

Who Should Attend?

Personnel directly involved in process control, including Production Managers/Supervisors, SPC coordinators, process engineers, Quality personnel, operators and maintenance.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Effective application of SPC techniques
  • Greater consistency, control and capability of key processes
  • Greater understanding, credibility and ‘buy-in’ when applying SPC
  • Higher quality, fewer defects from a more preventive versus reactive approach


A fundamentally sound knowledge of mathematics is required.
Please Note: This workshop can only be conducted on site at the customers location, as it involves shop floor exercises.

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“Your trainer’s professionalism and knowledge helped us all, and his teaching style is world class. He used past experiences to connecting the dots to the standard, which not only helped the class to understand the standard but created a fun learning atmosphere.

We found the course material (for IATF) world class and very helpful. The exam was also comprehensive and very fair. I look forward to future collaborations between our Companies."
Corporate Manager for Supplier Development
Automotive Tier 1 Supplier