Flow, PFMEA, Control Plan

Outline Of Topics Covered


  • The concepts of Flow – elements of Flow which affect quality, how can a company deliver quality, using Flow Charting
  • Flow Charting – hands-on application, identifying “all” the steps of a process
  • Identification of key performance measures to proactively manage process and product quality
  • Connecting the Flow to PFMEA, and to Control Plans


  • The 5 Phase approach to performing PFMEA
  • Identification and prioritization of the risk of potential failures
  • Identification of the critical steps in the PFMEA process
  • Understanding detection and prevention
  • Identification of actions to reduce potential risk
  • Relationship of Flow, FMEA and Control Plans together as a living document and a tool for improvement/RPN reduction

Control Plans

  • The effective application of process control plans (prototype, pre-launch, production)
  • Control Plan form content description, characteristics and methods
  • The review, revision or update of process control plans to ensure maximum control over processes and products
  • Completion of a customer-specific process control plan, action plan and audit checklist
  • Using control plans along with Flow of PFMEA to reduce RPN’s

Who Should Attend?

Anyone already participating in the FMEA process but are not satisfied with current results.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Understand the significance of process failures
  • More effective anticipation and prevention of failures at the design stage before production start up
  • More realistic identification of high-risk steps using accurate quality data
  • More effective process controls at high-risk steps
  • A more effective and credible FMEA approach

Prerequisites (Suggested but not required)

Problem Solving
Error Proofing

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“Your trainer’s professionalism and knowledge helped us all, and his teaching style is world class. He used past experiences to connecting the dots to the standard, which not only helped the class to understand the standard but created a fun learning atmosphere.

We found the course material (for IATF) world class and very helpful. The exam was also comprehensive and very fair. I look forward to future collaborations between our Companies."
Corporate Manager for Supplier Development
Automotive Tier 1 Supplier