EPIC Real-Time Automated Data

Changing the Way Data is Delivered!

PIC takes 3rd party inspection to the next level, providing details regarding all parts sorted and defects found!  We capture and process all inspection data in real-time.  All and any work related to your project, involving parts/finished goods can be sent to you hourly, daily, weekly or monthly - giving you total control over the amount of data and analysis you want to receive.

EPIC delivers new technology allowing readability on all types of electronics including; tablets, computers and your personal hand held devices. With integrated bar code technology, our system reduces human error, instantaneously compiles data that is then sent to you at the end of each shift... improving overall workflow with a single scan!

Technology At Your Fingertips!

  • Receive detailed data anytime, anywhere
  • Approve work instructions and revisions - On the Go!
  • Instantaneously compile and review historical data by part number
  • Trace project hours to a job, person, or part
  • Receive updates 24/7 and alerts to changes regarding your project
  • Review parts inspected, defects found and downtime electronically

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EPIC Support

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"The EPIC data collection system that The PIC Group has in place to track work orders, P.O's and sort results is the difference among other providers. EPIC is the benchmark system that other sorting companies should be aspiring to."
Quality Manager

Automotive OEM

“I have recommended PIC to other contacts in my network. The EPIC system is very responsive, very thorough, and highly accurate. The results, status, and data provided by EPIC upon completion of a sort is substantially more detailed than other companies who provide similar services as The PIC Group."
Director of Quality Assurance
Electronics OEM