Quality Engineering and Liaison Services

Are Your Internal Resources Limited?

If so, PIC, A TRIGO Company is here to support you with the Quality Engineers, Liaisons and Technicians you need, when and where you need them!

Our Quality Engineering Team brings hands-on industry experience and knowledge to identify the root cause of product and process failures, and act on your behalf. We can provide Quality Engineers, Liaisons and Technicians of all levels,  for a few hours a week, months at a time or fill permanent openings within your company. We match their qualifications and expertise to those required by you to effectively help you through your next challenge.

Our Quality Engineers Can Support You By:

  • Acting as a Liaison/Company Representative
  • Assisting in Layered Audits
  • Creating Process Flow Diagrams
  • Investigating Nonconformities
  • Overseeing Launch Support Activites
  • Performing Cost Analysis
  • Performing Process Audits
  • Problem Solving
  • Reviewing FMEA's and PPAP's

“The PIC Group offered us a very experienced, knowledgeable engineer that became a seamless part of our team!”
Quality Manager
Appliance OEM

"I am thankful for having PIC work with us! They found a qualified, competent Engineering professional, that has performed well for our facility and has built a very good rapport with our suppliers.
Manager of Supply Chain
Electronics Part Manufacturer